similac coupon code

Not sure if anyone is interested but there is an amazing coupon code for the Similac ready to feed bottles! Even if you plan on breastfeeding it's nice to have these around as a 'just in case' back up! I'm not sure how long it will be around for so hurry and get them now!

At the Similac store (www.abbottstore.com) you can get well over 50% off and free priority shipping using the coupon code SIMILAC1 at checkout.
You can also combine it with coupon code SIMILAC3 to knock off an additional $3.00.
The 2 oz RTF are very conveinet in the diaper bag. Please note, you can only use these codes once though.
Thought I'd spread the awesome savings. Also, the first code ONLY works on the 48 pack of 2 oz RTF bottles
If you buy Similac advance RTF 2oz bottles, total cost after applying the codes is $10.09! 
Yes, $10 bucks SHIPPED!! Hurry!
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