No baby yet...

My apologies for being MIA. With my ridiculous bloggy absence you would think that I had the baby!
We got close the other day. I had every pre-labor symptom a full term mama could dream of.
Apparently there's this thing they call 'False Labor'...
Yes I know. He will come when he is ready, this is the most overplayed line that NO super uncomfy pregnant lady wants to hear. So word of advice, if you know a pregnant lady do her a favor and say something else like "No worries, baby will be here soon." It gives us hope, and reminds us that there really is an end in sight.
I joined the BabyCenter birthing board a few months ago and it's funny to read all of the 'tips and tricks' other mama's use to help move things along.
I am a true believer that no matter what you try, baby will come when baby decides to!
Who knows, I just might change my tune when I hit that 40 week mark...

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