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How To Enter A Giveaway On The Luvs Jurn3 Blog:
The first three questions on the form are almost always required.
Fill in your First Name

Your E-mail Address

Then follow the Main required Entry that follows the first two questions.

These will often ask you to visit the sponsors website or answer a question about the sponsors products.

Now. The next questions will ask you if you are a follower or fan on twitter and face book.
To follow me on Twitter you can go here:

To Fan me on Facebook you can go here:

If you are asked to follow the sponsor on Facebook and Twitter the link will be provided in the review.

If you do not have an account with these social networking sites, go get one! What are you waiting for, they are great resources to get out there and learn all about your favorite products and the people that created them!

The next few questions will ask you to do the same for the sponsored products fan pages, newsletters, or special online groups. Those links will be provided in the sponsored post!

If you are a twitter follower you get an extra shot at winning by ‘tweeting’ daily. There is an extra box located on the form. Please fill out your name and e-mail address, add an @ into the third required question and then check the box ‘I Tweeted’ to earn your extra entry. Please include the tweets ‘url’ in the ‘other’ box located within the same bonus entry box.

If you are a Facebook fan I will sometimes list the option to post the giveaway daily on Facebook as well. Follow the same directions above for tweeting but the box to check your entry will also include Facebook posts as well!

I've also added something new for my Twitter Followers. You can @ a specific person that you think would like my giveaway and for each person that you @ that is 1 extra entry. Please be sure to post the twitter url with your @'s listed for the entries to count!

Please retweet/ re-facebook the pre-made tweet located within the post in purple.

You can also share the giveaway on any social media or giveaway site. This includes posting it on blogs that host McLinkys for other bloggers to share their giveaways. If there is a website you visit frequently and feel may benefit from a giveaway, post my giveaway link and then come back and claim your extra entry. I wont be picky about your post, as long as it is where someone will benefit from it!

I sometimes ask that you vote for me on Top Mommy Blogger.
To do that you just need to Click Here:

Then hit the top grey bar that says ‘Click Here To Enter the Top 100 Mommy Blogs’

And you’re done. Claim your bonus entry!

If you are a blog owner you can rack in a few extra entries by ‘Blogging about the Giveaway’ and ‘Grabbing My blogs Button.’ A blog is pretty simple to start, and a great place to journal about your life. So if you don’t have one, look into it, you never know what may come of it :o)

Can't find the submit button?
Sorry to confuse you, but you have to have your mouse inside of the entry form and then scroll down. If your mouse doesn't have a scroll button you can also use your tab key to get you to the bottom of the form onto the submit button. Place your cursor into any box on the form and press 'Tab' on your keyboard until you get to the submit button.

As always I love hearing from and talking to my readers so if you have questions ask ask ask away!

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