Charlie Banana cloth diaper review

Cute, easy to use, and very affordable! Three of my favorite traits in a cloth diaper! This is a great 'first-timer' diaper for those who aren't sure what they love just yet. 

A little background about the company: 
Charlie Banana™ was created out of love for eco friendliness, quality and design. We wanted to design products that each individual would feel confident to use on themselves, on their babies and that they would recommend to their friends. We wanted products that make you feel good on so many different levels.
We live in a world full of chemicals, full of cheap items that do not deliver what they promise. There is a global lack of eco friendly modern design, and such a waste of resources. Many of us do not realize the full extent of the chemicals we apply on ourselves and on our children - from food, cosmetics, air, clothing and hygiene products. We wanted to have something truly unique and to promote items that are basic but so much better for the health of the whole family, for our world and for everyone’s wallet.
As the future of the world is in our hands, we actively promote reusing wherever you can. Changing habits one at the time. Individual efforts make a huge difference. 

About the Product:

Charlie Banana™ One Size or Size diapers are a 2 in 1 system. You can use washable inserts or disposable inserts. A diaper with options! We recommend you stuff the inside with reusable inserts.
There are times when you need to be able to use disposable. While traveling, dropping your kid to someone that might be inexperienced with cloth diapers, or any occasion when a disposable is needed.

My Initial Reaction: The diaper looked very simple and easy to use. I was pretty excited about it as it's hard for us to come by 'daddy' diapers lately. A daddy diaper is one that my husband is able to use properly without a headache and without leaks. I also really loved the sleek trim look and couldn't wait to try it on Oreo. It was great to read that they only use 100% certified organic cotton in their product line! I was also provided a disposable insert to try in place of the microfiber inserts!

My First Use: We love it! The fit is amazing. I really liked the extra wide elastic on the back side of the diaper, helping to hold it in place. I first tried it with the microfiber inserts and both my husband and I were impressed at how long he lasted in it! We were getting ready to run some errands and I decided to give the disposable insert a try, just to see what the difference would be like. I am not sure if Oreo liked the feeling of it (perhaps I should have stuffed it in the pocket instead of laying it on top of the soft cotton). It absorbed wonderfully and made changing a wiggly toddler in a public restroom much quicker and easier! The only downfall is that even though it is labeled a one size diaper it does not have the snaps along the front for the rise. So I really am not sure how this would fit a younger baby with a shorter torso. I will try it out on baby number two however and let everyone know how it turns out.

My Favorite Qualities: The disposable insert! It was so convenient to use these while we were out and about. I've tried other brands that include the disposable inserts but I was very impressed with the way the Charlie Banana diaper help them in place. I think it's the great fit that helps with the placement. 

Connect with Charlie Banana:

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**Many thanks to Charlie Banana for sponsoring this Review. I was given a product to review (no compensation) and all opinions are my own**
Good Luck!

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