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We have been searching for a 'big boy' carrier for Oreo for a few months now. I've had my eye on the boba carrier since my first review of the Nap Inc. Sleepy Wrap. There are tons of different toddler carriers available, but I am being completely honest when saying that the boba carrier is the best! The boba carrier meets and exceeds all of my expectations. Atop all of its 'extra' features it is also all organic and made in the U.S.! It was so comfortable to wear my 26 lb 18 month old son for hours on end! We used it for short walking trips to the grocery store or park, and for long hiking/outdoor trips as well. It has a thick bottom strap that distributes weight evenly and leaves no aching or pain anywhere on my body. 
Oreo loves falling asleep in his carriers, ALL of them! He is a true veteran to the baby wearing community. So this carrier was no different, he would fall asleep in it with no problems at all. A great perk that the boba carrier has is a detachable hood that easily snaps into place and holds Oreo's head up while I move about getting done what I need without worrying if his head is going to move around. It also worked great while we were at a St. Patrick's day festival and it began to rain, he had an instant rain cover that was put into place in a snap! 
An added feature to the original boba, which is now called the boba 2g, is foot straps for your little ones restless legs. I give boba major props for thinking of this one. It never occurred to me that his little legs get tired from hanging there restlessly. He loves the straps and often has to remind me to wriggle his little feet into the easily strap-able Velcro foot rests. 
Daddy is a big fan as well, mostly for back carrying capabilities! He often mentions how it feels funny when trying to front carry Oreo. He fell in love with the Boba 2G the first day he tried it on. Now we fight over who gets to wear him when and at what events! Haha, now you know it's an awesome carrier when you actually want to wear it all the time!

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