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I have to be honest, we do not live in a town where babywearing is popular. It's a small town, cute, quiet, and sheltered. They really have no clue what to think of my family and I. It was great to finally get some feedback from behind those often burning stares. I happened to be walking through the grocery store wearing Little L in our new Organic Sleepy wrap when another mom pulls up next to me with her sweet itty bitty all snuggled in his carseat. "Isn't that uncomfortable?" she asked. I replied, "Not at all, it's actually really great!" Then (perfect timing I might add) her itty bitty began to cry. Suddenly flustered with that "new mommy" what should I do now stare, she glanced my way again and saw little L lazily laying his head on my chest, loving so much being close to mommy and having this new "hugger" to hang out in. I could feel her still staring at me, as if she wanted me to start preaching about how my wrap could save her itty bitty's woes. I didn't. "So where did you get it?" she yelled across the cereal isle as I tried to decide between the box of Kashi or the Reese's Puffs ( why do they make that stuff anyways, I know its bad but geez it looks so darn good!) I really wasn't expecting her to inquire anymore about my newly found baby soother so I didn't know quite how to respond. If I got into the conversation about my blogging she would really take me for crazy and never attempt to babywear for a million years!
I gave her the website info and figured well "thats,that!" Low and behold we ran into each other again a few weeks later (same grocery store, same isle-we must be on the same cereal schedule). I asked her if she checked out the site, I noticed her little one wasn't with her so I was hoping she had purchased one but I just couldn't see it. She began to explain to me how she couldn't afford it and that her DH just wasn't going to have a part in something "like that". (whatever that means). I realized that this was my time to shine, and long story short I gave her ours. Little L really really loved it, slept in it everytime I put him in it, and would even bring it to me when he got tired, but I know a great cause when I see one. We have been blessed, and are able to purchase another one, and what better way to show my true appreciation for a product than to actually share it with others!

The Sleepy wrap was the softest most comfortable product I have tested yet on the market! The organic fabric made me feel so much better about having my little diaper only butt laying so sweetly against my skin, able to nap the day away. My hands were free so I could still get things done around the house, as well as use it for baby W when it was his nap time too. A carrier that works for both a 4 month old and a 15 month old!? Sweet! It took me a few days, but I was even able to wriggle them out and into the crib once they were sound asleep! I'm considering posting a movie of this for other interested mommies!
This is the only wrap that can comfort Little L during his teething woes and while he is sick. He will often bring it to me when he starts getting sleepy so that I will put him in it for a special mommy and baby nap time bonding session. We love it.

We met up with the new mommy one more time to see how things were going. "I can't thank you enough!" she exclaimed, as itty bitty peeked through his new comfort of mommy's chest. I saw no tears this time, just a happily soundly sleeping baby.
I felt like I saved the world that day. Well maybe not the world, but at least an itty bitty.

Straight from the source:

  • natural sleep solution for your baby
  • one size fits all
  • hands free walking, hiking, shopping
  • secure comfortable fit
  • from premature/newborn to toddler
  • wrapping instructions enclosed
  • Organic Sleepy Wrap is made from soft, organic cotton, produced in accordance with the requirements of the Organic Exchange 100 Standards

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 Did I mention that they are SUPER Affordable & U.S. shipping is only $3.99!
Purchase yours by clicking HERE.
Use coupon code LOVE (worth 10% off any sleepy wrap order).
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Katrina said...

That looks nice! I've wanted one of those kinds of carriers since before my son was born, but just haven't been able to afford one... Hopefully I can get one when we have our second!

Beccalynn said...

That was so sweet of you! I wish I could afford to do the same thing and just give my treasured baby items away. I give away the things I make. That's a blessing.

We use the Moby Wrap. It looks pretty much the same. I carry my daughter in it EVERYWHERE and moms are always asking me where I got it and if it works and so on and so forth. I actually gave my baby to a mommy to hold the other day so I could give her a demonstration of how to put it on! Ha ha!

I just always give them the website when they're interested. Who knows if they'll ever break down and buy one.

I bought one because I lady wearing one in the grocery store when I was pregnant and it looked so fascinating! And then, at a wedding, another woman was wearing her moby wrap so I asked her to demonstrate it for me. By the time my daughter was 2mos old, I had my own and I'll NEVER go back!!!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Although it was many years ago, I also "wore" my babies snug to my chest. They were secure and I loved that they were close to me.

You are so sweet and giving and you definitely made a difference for the new mommy.

Natalie A. said...

Thanks for sharing the review and the discount code! Have a great day!

Julie said...

Now that was a good deed if I ever heard one. That was a wonderful friendly gesture. I'm proud to be your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Take care and God Bless.

JoeyRes said...

I used the Ultimate Baby Wrap when my daughter was an infant. We both loved it!

Following you back from the Friday Follow!

Cara Nitz said...

I can relate to you feeling out of place because of your family doing something different from the norm, and I want to commend you on such a loving gesture. I appreciate that so much!!


Jan Parrish said...

What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. :)

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