Cloth Diapers Exposed has Begun!

It's Finally Here! The Cloth Diapers Exposed event has begun! 
Here is a little bit of information about how this is going to be done. I don't want anyone to miss out on anything!

Cloth Diapers Exposed

  • There will be a different review EVERY day, often more than one so be sure to come back to check them out!
  • There will be AT LEAST one giveaway a week!
  • Each giveaway will be open for entries for 2 weeks each. 
  • You must enter each giveaway separately and follow all required entries on the forms in order to be qualified.
  • If you racked in extra entries I will add these for you to EVERY giveaway that is featured! I will put a ( ) around the number of extra entries that you received. Instead of putting them in one by one (which I started to do but then realized there were WAY too many) I will just count them in at the end when putting the number into the RNG. If you are confused you can contact me and I will clarify a little more for you.
  • Be sure to follow me on Twitter as I will be spontaneously offering extra giveaway entries there too.
  • Visit the Cloth Diapers Exposed flash website to check out what Review and Giveaway is coming up next! 
  • I am also excited to announce the giveaway prize for those that linked up to spread the word by grabbing the event button! A $50 gift card to Amazon.com! You can find just about anything there! I will reveal the winner of this prize soon! 
A little bit of background info.
This is what influences me the most when reviewing cloth diapers!
How I plan to rate them:

Was this diaper convenient:
Is this diaper economically priced:
Would I recommend this diaper to a beginner:
Good for Daytime use:
Good for nighttime Use:
Easy during laundry Care:
Did Big D like this Diaper:
Did Little L like this Diaper:
Did I like this Diaper:

On my own personal preference. I prefer a nice slim fitting, well functioning, easy to launder cloth diaper! Considering a number of people use cloth diapers to save a little moo la I've also included my opinion on whether I think the diaper is priced right. We live in an apartment complex where doing laundry means spending $$, and traveling up and down 3 flights of stairs! If it takes too long to dry then I am NOT a fan! During the summer this isn't a problem, but I live in Michigan. It's cold very often. Big D rates his likes mostly on the ease of getting it on and off Little L as well as its ease of getting off the poo. He is still learning and will answer the question of whether or not this diaper should be used by another cloth diapering beginner. Little L enjoys a slim diaper that doesn't get in the way of his everyday craziness!

So get to reading and entering, let the fun begin! Good luck in the giveaways, and remember comments are always welcome! 

Click The Date to enter the giveaway! 

2/1 Sprout Baby $25 gift card and Kissaluvs Diaper  
2/2 Nifty Nappy $35 Gift Certificate  
2/3 CC Bums custom product giveaway 
2/4 EcoNuts family size box giveaway


simplymerry said...

thanks for doing this, i'm looking forward to it! :)

lovemylevi said...

Thanks for joining in on the fun! :-)

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