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I love ALL things baby, but I really really love ALL things Sprout baby! I was so excited to be reviewing a cloth diaper from their site! They feature TONS of different planet loving products. Including their own line of naturally made baby foods (Little L loved these when he was itty bitty)! Really cute toys, and baby care items. I could purchase something from their shop everyday if Big D would let me!

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We received the Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper. This was a great diaper, but it also had a few things that I didn't enjoy as well. After putting the diaper on Little L I noticed A LOT of bulk. IT sort of made him walk funny and his pants wouldn't fit over it! Out of personal preference I like a nice fitting slim diaper. Not a big deal usually though because I just toss them into the night time pile. The diaper proved itself very worthy when paired with a snug fitting cover or lanolized woolie over night. I loved the soft feel of the diaper and knowing that it was organic only made things that much better! As soft as the fabric was it's drawback was that poop really seemed to stick on! When I say stick I mean it took an awful lot of effort to clean the soiled diaper, no matter how much was there! Little L usually poops first thing in the morning, so as long as I hurried and changed him into something else we had no problems. Big D was not a fan of the sticking poo and he was disappointed by its lack of easy laundry care. It took an awful lot of drier time, but I'm not able to test it out in the sun, my guess is that a days worth of sunshine would dry it! This is a great diaper if you are looking for an organic nighttime alternative.

Was this diaper convenient: No
Is this diaper economically priced: No
Would I recommend this diaper to a beginner: No
Good for Daytime use: No
Good for nighttime Use: Yes
Easy during laundry Care: No
Did Big D like this Diaper: No
Did Little L like this Diaper: No
Did I like this Diaper: No 

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Anna said...

I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your entry form. Thanks so much! It is easy to follow and saves me typing my email address over and over, and no doubt helps you keep track of entries and duplicate entries. Did I mention that I love it?

Also, thanks for giving both the pros and cons. I can't wait for the rest of your reviews! I am new to cloth diapering (committed to doing it with baby number 2 due in May), and honest critical reviews are what I need!

lovemylevi said...

LOL now I feel bad about trying it the old fashioned way with my Nifty Nappy giveaway! That's what I'm looking for is opinions on which entry type people like! I personally like the form as well :-) So glad to hear you like my review, thanks for reading and entering...Good luck!

{ Mom of 3 Dolls } said...

I'm guessing the form has only to to be entered once with all the info on it? That would be great!

Sometimes I like seeing my entries but if it's done at once then I wouldn't have to worry about what I haven't done yet :)

simplymerry said...

please go back to the google docs form! it's so much easier and fun. :)

Nature Manipulated said...

I'm not a fan of this because if you enter another giveaway then you can't come back and put that entry in without reentering everything. Also, I like being able to see what I entered.

lovemylevi said...

Thanks for your thoughts! I have decided to just do both, or leave it up to the request of the giveaway sponsors. I hope you will all still enter each giveaway!

Mummatutu said...

love that spreadsheet google docs thing!!

Nature Manipulated said...

If you tweet once a day, how do you enter after the first google doc entry?

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