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CC Bums
If you're looking for something inexpensive and good for you and your family, you've come to the right place. CC Bums will help you "go green" the RIGHT way. :)

I am very excited to be featuring one of my "own". A local mother of three little girls that is helping families afford going green! I am so happy to have found her! It's a great idea really, spend less green to be more green. Who wouldn't like to do that. We were finally able to meet up and swap goods (I made a sweet little dress for one of her girls) and I was really excited  to get home a try out our new Dino camo fleece diaper. It was really fluffy and soft, not like any diaper I've tried yet. I knew after putting it on Little L that it would be a fabulous night time diaper so I hurriedly snapped a few shots of him in it and then saved it for bedtime! Since little L is a heavy bedtime wetter I decided to also pair the diaper with a thin cover to be sure I wouldn't wake up to any messy surprises in the morning. 
Once Little L was awake I immediately checked to see if any of his sheets were wet. They weren't! Perfect! When I changed him I noticed that the diaper cover wasn't damp at all! I also saw no traces of a red bum or rash on his super sensitive skin. The CC Bums cloth diaper held in ALL of his urine throughout the night. I had Big D transfer this diaper into the wash and also had him switch the laundry over into the drier as well. We were bummed that it took 3 drier cycles (remember we live in apartments and have to go up and down 3 flights of stairs, as well as pay $1.25 a cycle)! I knew this diaper was super thick and that it would take longer to dry but I was really hoping there was some sort of miracle added into the mix. 
So sadly we wont be able to use the diaper as often as I'd like to, but I will be looking into her other diapers that are able to be dried faster, maybe one with a removable insert. This is also something that I won't worry about at all this summer, as a day in the sun really does dry the diapers so much better than a machine. I will then be using this diaper daily, and if you factor in the cost it really is worth it to purchase these.

Straight From The Source:

CC Bums.. going green..
Upcycling and recycling fabrics to better the earth and save you money!
My company is designed for the everyday moms and dads who care about the earth AND their wallet.

Based in Adrian, MI, I am a stay at home mom of 3 who makes wonderful "green" products using recycled fabrics (flannel, fleece, 100% cotton knit) and also new flannel, terrycloth, fleece and more, creating products that are simple and easy to use!
My main products are cloth diapers, feminine pads, and family cloth.. though I have more to offer!

Less than 1 week turn around!

FYI: All "seconds" in stock are free shipping.. something small that wasn't perfect enough for me. Still great working products!

Get started using cloth pads for just $20 ppd! Sample sets available.. one (1) of each liner, light, regular, heavy and overnight for $20 ppd! choose from stock or custom order!

"Product Menu"
$17 each all-in-two's (AI2)
$16 snapping trainers, 2-3t and 4t
$15 each all-in-one's (AIO)
$15 OS fleece covers
$14 each fleece pockets
$14 skirties
$10 fitted diapers
$10 skirties
$10 sized fleece covers
$8 each cotton pockets
$8 longies
$7 travel wetbags- snap or drawstring closure
$5 changing pads
$3 mama cloth wetbag
$3 bibs
$3 per set, flannel breast pads (4 inch- contour or flat)
$2.50 burp cloths
$2 squishy balls, soft, jingle or crinkle
$1.50 alone or $1 w/ order snap wraps, wings for wingless pads (7 inch)
$1 baby wipes 6x8
$0.50 each family cloth (TP)

diapers- Small (8-17 lbs), Medium (15-22 lbs), Large (20-32 lbs)

AI2's can come in any size.. OS is $17, NB is $10 (any nb dipe is $10), small is $12, medium is $14, large is $16

scrap blankets custom order only, examples are shown
$15 for baby size, $20 for toddler.. can make bigger
shipping is more for these because of weight

Shipping is $3.00 for the first item, and $1.00 for each additional item within in the continental US. I ship to the United States and Canada!
I also have flat rate boxes, if you want lower shipping on multiple items.

I prefer paypal.

I also make personalized discount packages, based on what you need/want!!
REFERRAL BONUS: If I get a paid order from someone you referred, you get 20% off your next order!
Was this diaper convenient: No-too big to fit in the diaper bag
Is this diaper economically priced: Yes
Would I recommend this diaper to a beginner:Yes
Good for Daytime use: No-too bulky
Good for nighttime Use: Yes
Easy during laundry Care: No-took too long to dry
Did Big D like this Diaper: Yes
Did Little L like this Diaper: Yes
Did I like this Diaper: Yes

Want one of your own?

Look through her Facebook Inventory Photos 
and convo CC Bums about what you'd like to order!

Giveaway Ended.


Mama Zapatista said...

Hi! I'm a new reader but after I read that you also have to coin wash your cloth diapers I just wanted to say I FEEL YOU! I'm on the 4th floor of our apartment complex but at least we have an elevator that works most of the time. It is harder but well worth it for our babies!

lovemylevi said...

Thanks for the encouragement! It's much needed as I sit here and stare at our hamper of diapers that need to be washed LOL.

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