Confession Wednesday

This idea is from the featured SITS blog of the day! Take a Peek at Karen's world, you're sure to get a laugh or two. Here's my confessions...

1. I spend extra time in the bathroom reading magazines while daddy is home with little L.
2. I often sneak some of big D's sweets and somehow manage to get him to believe he was the one that ate them. I do the same thing to the little guy.
3. I sometimes slip Elmo in once in awhile even though little L's "your baby can read" program says not to!
4. I give in way to much and way to often!
5. I still let my mom do a lot for me.
6. I really don't mind changing poopy diapers, but I get some sort of satisfaction out of having big D do it.
7. I haven't worked out in over a year!

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Karen said...

I am a firm believer that Elmo is NOT going to ruin your child!

I still let my mom do a lot and I haven't been to the gym in a long time either!

Thanks for joining in the fun!

lovemylevi said...

Thanks for the awesome idea and for stopping by!

Angela said...

It's a great idea. But confessions can get over th top pretty quick. I had runaway confessions on my blog for awhile, until I got myself under control. lol

Found you on MBC and I'm now following. I'm at http://thesuburbanjungle.blogspot.com

lovemylevi said...

lol Angela, thanks for the link...I will be following you as soon my computer allows it!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Confession Wednesday huh?
Sounds like fun. Maybe I'll join up tomorrow! Thanks for following! I'll return the favor! YEAH!

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