Weaning Part. 2

I had a really hard time finding any specific information about how other breastfeeding mommies weaned their little ones. I was lost as to how I would get little L to sleep without nursing! This is why I documented every little detail of how we got through it. I must first point out that letting him just "cry it out" is not something we wanted to try. Hope this helps other mommies out there!

Night 1: I was not planning on weaning this night so baby was nursed to fall asleep
        Baby is up and ready to nurse back to sleep
       -I began rocking him and trying to get him  back to sleep without nursing. He was not too happy! Talk  
       about a major guilt trip.
 4:30 am
        Finally got him to sleep after lots of rocking and singing and a sippy cup with milk.
  5:15 am
        Baby is awake again and very very fussy.
       - I decided to let daddy try and rock him this time. Bad idea, baby wanted nothing at all to do with that.         More rocking and singing, refused the sippy cup numerous times.
   7:00 am
       Finally fell asleep, it was so very hard not to just give in and nurse him.
   9:00 am
       Baby is up and ready for breakfast, not as fussy this time. I was very exhausted and my breasts were in 
       a ton of pain already. I began trying to think of a better way to go about this.

Night 2:
   8:00 pm
   8:30 pm
       Sippy cup of milk and a story. Time to calm down.
    9:00 pm
       As crazy as this might sound I decided to put baby in his stroller and see if he would fall asleep if I
       walked him around the house. It works outside so I figured why not inside!
    9:20 pm
      Asleep in stroller! A little fussing but nothing too major.
    9:35 pm
      Successfully transferred baby from the stroller to the crib.
    4:30 am
      Baby is awake.
    5:15 am
      After 4 attempts to lay baby down after rocking to sleep baby is finally down. Breasts are very tender  
      and sore, horrible engorgement. I just kept thinking everything would be so much easier if I just started
      nursing again!
    7:24 am
      Baby is up and ready to eat breakfast.
    8:30 am
      Very sleepy and cranky baby so for an early naptime I decided to try the stroller again.
     8:50 am
       Baby fell asleep in the stroller.
     9:40 am
       Up for good.

Night 3:
  8:00 pm       Bathtime.
   8:30 pm
       Sippy cup of milk and a story. Time to calm down.
   9:50 pm
       Start stroller walking.
   10:15 pm
       Stop stroller walking.Not working, baby is very upset and fussy.
       We decided to try a warm bottle of milk ( you are probably wondering why I would try a bottle while
       i'm attempting to wean my son, I was not worried about him having a bottle, there are medical reasons
       associated with why I stopped nursing). He took the bottle, after 12 months of refusing one before! I
       guess he figured it was better than nothing. I then rocked him in his maya wrap.
    10:37 pm
        Baby is asleep in his crib, no problem transferring him from the sling to the crib. This was a big shock, I
        knew he liked his sling during the day but I never thought to try it out at night.
     4:00 am
        Baby is awake.
        - I rocked him and sang, he wasn't fussy at all.
     4:23 am
        Baby is asleep in crib.
      7:00 am
        Baby is awake.
        Attempted to rock baby and put him back in his crib two times. Kept waking up unless I was holding
        him so we both napped together for the rest of the morning.

What is it like now...
    After his bath we enjoy a story and some warm milk, under normal circumstances he will let me rock him to sleep no breast or bottle. If there are other baby interruptions involved (ie. teething, bellyache, sick) it takes a warm bottle and the maya sling to get him to fall asleep. I am looking forward to trying colic calm  to see if this helps us with those rough nights! Any questions just leave a comment and I promise to answer them!


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