Sickening Playgroup

I'm not sure how intense the flu epidemic is, I havn't been keeping track of the cases in my area nor have I personally known anyone with the H1N1 virus. What I do know is that I do not want my son getting sick.

We look forward to our playgoup every Thursday. Little L can play with his fellow shorties while I socialize, in my normal non baby squeaky voice, with other moms. I was a bit disturbed today when we walked into a room of sniffly, snotty, green boogied babies. Why would anyone take their child out while their sick, and to be around other children for that matter!  We turned right around and back out the door, call me paranoid but like I said before I dont want my little one getting sick. With this being our first time in the mommy/playgroup scene, is it normal for mommies to take their sick babies to playgroups? I suppose we all become a little desperate at some point for normal human interaction, but at the expense of other childrens health seems a bit too much for me!


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