Weaning Little L from the Breast Part. 1

For anyone trying to wean their little one from the breast. I thought I'd share my two part story. I documented everything we went through during the 3 crazy nights it took...enjoy and feel  free to share your story too!

I have to be honest, during most of my pregnancy I didn't put much thought into breastfeeding little L. Maybe a month before he was born I had read into the importance of it all and what the benefits actually were...healthier, cheaper, more bonding. Sounded good to me. On paper!
Little L took right to the breast like it was something he was born to do...literally. I read all about nipple confusion, and how we should wait to introduce bottles or pacifiers. We were doing it by the books. Which was the right thing to do...right?! Wrong. For us anyways.
He was a boobie eating machine. He wanted nothing at all to do with bottles or pacifiers. I nursed what felt like every 15 minutes for the first 4 months of his life. Then he weaned down to every hour for the next few, then every two up until about 8 months of age. Insane!
I was beginning to think he was going to nurse for the rest of his life. I told myself that I could do it until he was a year old, by then I had him weaned to just in the morning and just before bed to help him fall asleep. If you have ever tried to wean any child of their most prized posession you know where I'm going with this. It was not easy. Finally one night as little L woke up for his every 2 hour feeding (about 2 weeks after his first birthday) something clicked. I just have to do it. That was the longest night of my life...


Jenny said...

I never had a problem with this. My son wouldn't even try. Made me kinda sad.

lovemylevi said...

Really? We were worried the same thing would happen to us. Did you have a problem weaning your son from the bottle?

Pettel Maternity said...

I am dreading this so much! Been back at work since my little one was 20 weeks old, but still nursed her - I pumped and came home during lunch or hubby brought her over to me. Now she is 9+ months old and I want my body back. She started with solids at 5 months and this past month decided she wants only boob again. This cannot continue!
I have to start. How should I do it?
PS. If you are interested in link exchange, please contact me at keren@pettelmaternity.com

lovemylevi said...

It really is a difficult transition for both mommy and baby! There are a lot of other blogging mommies out there that have done the same thing I have, blogged about what we did to wean. I hope you can find one that works for you!! Good luck :-)

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