Livie & Luca Shoe Box Up-Cycle

If you've heard of Livie & Luca then you're probably already caught up. If not, well let me catch you up...they are the CUTEST shoes in the world. Seriously. You can read my blog review of their shoes here, but enough about the amazing shoes, how about those boxes?! Yes the box that the shoes live in. That sturdy, wonderful, "I know I can do something amazing with this..." shoe box. Little did I know the oldest apple of my eye Levi figured it out on his own! "Mama, can I make a train box with this please!? Pretty please!? " Hmm, a train box? That little stinker angel may be on to something! While grabbing all of our crafty goodies I tripped over one of our Take-A-Long track sets. *Light Bulb*

What you need:
L&L Shoe Box
Glue Stick
Creative Craziness

Step 1: Color/Decorate the box!

Step 2:
Cut a rounded hole into the sides of the bottom of the box, not the lid!

Step 3: Color a piece of paper and glue it to the top of the box.

Step 4: Give it a test run!

Step 5: Tuck in your "tunnels", toss in a train or car, close the box up, and then take it with you everywhere! It works wonders for long car rides and in restaurants! 

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