Livie and Luca Review

Stunning, original, and perfectly functional toddler shoes! Oreo is almost as obsessed with shoes as I am and while browsing the shop selection we both agreed upon the perfect pair of shoes for him! He has had this really cute obsession with elephants for a really long time so when we saw these:
we just had to have them! Oreo wore them throughout our entire trip to the zoo with no complaints to take his shoes off, which is very unusual of him! They fit perfectly and had a great bend that works perfectly for little toddler feet. The price is a little more than a typical store brand, but the quality of these shoes is truly unlike any other! I will be buying more from their line as Oreo grows out of these super cute kicks! Check out how cute some of their other choices are! 

Straight From the Source:

We want people to remember that our baby and toddler shoes are made by hand. In this spirit, we’ve asked our shoe makers to leave their markings which can be found under the strap. To reduce our carbon footprint, Livie & Luca chooses to use remains of high quality leather that would otherwise be discarded. In addition, because they are handmade, every pair of shoes will be a little different. Each pair of shoes is as unique as the child who wears them.
We are passionate about our baby and toddler shoes and all of their possibilities.  We truly believe that our baby and toddler shoes are capable of spreading a little joy while providing little citizens with a comfortable and adorable shoe!

Your one of a kind Livie & Luca shoes HERE
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