Matilda Jane Persnickety & Livie and Luca

I have a deep dark secret. Ok. I will admit it. I've fallen. The girly clothing trap has consumed me. It's won. I will no longer live in denial.  You have to admit, with so much cuteness out there I didn't really stand a chance!

The obsession started with Livie and Luca shoes. I did a blog review for them HERE and it was love at first sight! I wont lie, the night we found out we were having a girl I jumped online to buy her a pair of L&L's. I had been swooning over the girly pairs for years! I then started questioning what the models were wearing.
"That's so cute, where did they get it...?"

It was over from there on out! Gorgeous brands made their way into our lives, clothing that feels just as soft and sweet as your little princess. Persnickety,Matilda Jane, Misha LuLu, Giggle Moon...just to name a few!

Before you go searching, be ready for sticker shock!

What?! Are you crazy!?


Well and No.

For starters I usually buy used. There are quite a few Facebook groups where mama's (not being sexist here, I've honestly never seen a dad in one of these groups, so weird right!?) gather to share their love for beautiful clothing. I am able to buy new, gently used, or even play condition at a discount! I am a bargain hunter so I find some great discounts! I will admit I do have the occasional splurge, nothing wrong with that!

The quality is beyond anything you will find in your local department store and the resale value is awesome! There are times where a piece resells for more than what someone paid for it! How's that for a great resale value?!

Not convinced yet? Check out these photos...

The last photo is of my sweet princess in her MJ and chunky bead necklace!

In. Love.

Thanks for letting me share my deep dark secret! I hope I can bring some more to the dark side! Come join me, let's be friends...you know you want to! There are times (not many) where I feel ambitious and sew my own boutique clothing. Feel free to follow my Facebook page if you're interested, I should post more tutorials here!  
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