We have STOMPEEZ. Why is that all in caps you ask? Well because that is exactly how my 4 year old reacted. You would think that box was filled with a million bucks! I became the coolest mama on the block. I have to admit when I first saw the infomercial for Stompeez I was a bit skeptical. Would it really work with every 'stomp' of my little ones foot? After all he is just a little guy.

The only way to find out was to open up the box and try...

Someone is just a little excited!

We tried them on, the size small was a perfect fit!

 Then he decided to start STOMPing....

and stomped some more! 

He was pretty impressed, and as you can see so was his baby sister. Who I might add also enjoys trying to stomp around in her brothers Stompeez. Ok, ok, I will admit it I also tried them on and I have to admit they are pretty fun to stomp around in. I may or may not have added a pair of the unicorn stompeez to my Christmas list this year. 

So Santa if you are reading this go HERE to purchase these super fun slippers!

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