Give back. It feels good.

Times are tough. Everyone feels it. I have decided instead of dwelling on what I don't have, I'm going to share what I do. I went searching for the perfect organization, there are so many that I was certain to find at least one that I could donate to. I finally sat down one night and thought "please lead me to them, let me find the one that needs me most"...and I did. The most amazing and deserving family will be blessed this Christmas with help from me and a few friends.

It feels so great to know I will stop flowing tears on Christmas morning. It feels so great knowing I am easing the pain. It feels so great helping a sweet husband and wife get just a little more sleep at night. 

I found them through an organization called Holiday Hands, on the Monkee See Monkee Do website. Something amazing is being done here. Something that the world needs to see. Please check them out. Please help if you can. If you don't see anyone you can help there, feel free to contact me about the needs of the family below. I will add the list and if you have something you'd like to donate I will pay shipping to have it sent here so that I can deliver the LoVe to this Oh so deserving family. 

 Read the need list HERE if you think you'd like to donate. 
Contact me HERE with any questions, thank you!

“Love Wins” – Monkee mantra

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