Project Nap Time- Car Seat Straps Tutorial

Project Naptimes are the rough edged 
“I only have a little time before the kids wake up” 
kind of projects. No time for pins or tracing.  
It’s work that only a mother could love! 
With 3 under 3 I find myself with a small amount of sewing time and these are the projects I can get done in a jiffy! Enjoy! 

~Padded Car Seat Straps~

What you will need:
Four pieces of 7” x 7” cotton woven or knit fabric
Two pieces of 7” by 7” Cotton Batting. 
Sewing Machine.

 1. Layer your pieces like the photo. Two pieces of your print with the batting sandwiched in between. 

 2. Sew around your edges leaving about a ¼ inch edge.

 It should look like this when you’re done.

3. Sew the female piece (the smooth non-rough stuff) of your Velcro along one side of your square.

 4.  Flip it and sew the male piece (the rough stuff) on the other half of your square. Onto the opposite side that you had sewn the female Velcro onto.

5. Repeat with your second square.

6. Admire your work! 

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