I've been busy...

Our sweet baby girl Malia Loumae arrived December 27th 2011, and WOW have I been busy! 
8 lbs 4 oz Almost an entire lb more than both the boys were when they were born. 

Here is her 1 month photo. Yes 1 month already!

Kingston has entered the wonderful world of tearing the house apart exploring. He is the sweetest new one year old in town and thankfully he is very easy going about the word No right now! Nothing like trying to parent a toddler while having a newborn attached to your chest 20+ hours out of the day. I wouldn't change it for the world though, she is the perfect completion to our sweet little family, we all love her to death. 

Levi (my wonderful 3.5 going on 16 year old) has been the best big brother throughout this big time of change. He's handle everything so well and continues to amaze me with his kind spirit and helpful hands.

I have jumped back into sewing as both Malia and Kingston usually decide to nap at the same time for about an hour a day! Check out my newest project, a gift for a friend that is due next month! I can't wait to master the pattern and hopefully some day open up an Etsy shop. I also plan to whip up a YouTube tutorial to help those that are interested in making there own.

 Posts will be coming from me regularly but I think I am taking a break on the giveaway's. I apologize if that's what you were sticking around for, but I simply don't have the time to keep up. I hope my post finds you all well and enjoying the New Year! 
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