I'm alive!

I promise I'm not going to be away like this forever! I'm just trying to get settled into a routine of now being a mommy of two. To be honest I still don't truly know what it's like, I've had my wonderful hubby with me the first week and my amazing mother helping me for the past week. Tomorrow will be my first official day alone with both kiddos. Baby K has been so amazing so far that i'm praying he hasn't been storing it all for mommy's first day. It's hard to believe he's already 2 weeks old, time really does fly by.
Next month I will be presenting our personal reviews of the products featured during the Ultimate Baby Shower event. I am also working on some great new reviews and giveaways (including a $400 stroller!), so stay tuned! 
Once I get the hang of this (and start catching up on some much needed sleep) I will be back with a bang! 
Thanks for hanging around, I <3 you all!

Oreo is such a great Big Brother!

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