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Tax season is right around the corner, it's the one time that I can splurge on the things that we don't necessarily need but would really really like. I'm focusing on our living room this year and would like to update a few of our older hand me downs from when we first moved here! I have been looking at corner TV stands and a new area rug. Both were given to us when we moved into our new place last April, almost a year ago. I am ready for a change. My one stop shop for all of our home goods is CSN stores! With over 200 stores they carry the best assortment of goods and at unbeatable prices. The only downfall is it takes me a while to choose because there are just so many to choose from!
 Here are my top picks:

Keep your eye out for a special review of an item from CSN stores that I will be posting in the future!
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