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It's really hard to come by great natural products where I live so I often have to resort to online shops. I was very impressed with the products and customer service at Levana Naturals. The cold winter months are just around the corner for us, with the evenings hitting in the chilly 30's already! This has set me out on a mission to find some great winter gear for my sweet little guy. I was sent an organic wool hat made by Pickapooh for Oreo.  He was so excited to open the package and put the hat on. I was worried at first because I know wool can be an uncomfortable fabric to wear but they put a super soft cotton lining on the inside that must be very comfortable as I had a hard time getting Oreo to take it back off! A hat that I wont have to chase him around with to get it on this winter?! Fabulous! Levana Naturals carries tons of fun, unique, and fair trade products perfect for any family! 

Straight from the Source:
Our Standards

We want to protect the innocence and carefree nature of our children, the environment they live in and the society they grow up in. And have fun doing it!

Our clothes are high-quality, fun and made to move with your child – wiggle, roll, crawl, toddle, run, climb. We’ve chosen stylish, classic designs that can be passed down from sibling to sibling and maybe even from generation to generation.

Both our cotton and our wool are 100% organically grown.  Our products are certified according to one or more of the following standards:
* US standard USDA National Organic Program NOP
* European standard EEC 2092/91 or 834/2007
* Biodynamic Demeter International certification
* Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
* Fair Trade certified by the Fair Trade Labelling Organization International (FLO)

We not only look at the fibers but also at the manufacturing processes, i.e. washing, spinning, weaving or knitting, bleaching, dying or printing, or applying finishing agents such as flame retardants, anti-shrink finishes or resins to give textiles bulk or make them crease resistant.

One of the strictest standards is the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).   This fiber processing standard was created to implement very strict ecological and social regulations upon each and every process of textile manufacturing.  We have chosen this standard to be one of our core criteria when we decide which manufacturers we’d like to team up with. All of our partners work according to this standard and some products have already been certified. 

Fair trade – community 
We work with companies that care about the community and treat everybody with respect and dignity. Specifically, we like to work with small and family run businesses, organizations that help people with special needs or initiatives that further economic, social and cultural development in underdeveloped areas.

Connect with Levana Naturals:

All Natural and Amazing products from Levana Naturals HERE

**Many thanks to Levana Naturals for sponsoring this Review. I was given a product to review (no compensation) and all opinions are my own**

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