Happy almost Halloween!

What are your plans for this Spooktacular holiday

Or do you not find it that exciting at all?

I will admit I am a Halloween junkie, I love it! It could have something to do with my love for fall. I love the visits to the pumpkin patch, candy apples, fresh donuts and cider...*sigh* I'm not ready for it to end! 

I couldn't pick between two different costumes for Oreo this year so we decided on two! Luckily we had a few places to trick or treat so we got good use out of both, plus I scored a great deal on one at a second hand store for only $6! 

We went to our local Zoo which is always a blast, candy and animals, nothing better! Plus they are really good about handing out non-candy treats too, like animal crackers and pretzels! That's my plan this year, plus some pencils, plastic rings, and erasers! Yep. I'm that mom.

We also took him to trick or treat at his great grandpas nursing home, I love seeing those sweet little old ladies eyes light up when a little one comes racing down the hall for some sweet treats! It's always a treat to see Oreo with his great grandpa! We scored big time there, I'm planning on handing that candy back out on Halloween night. We definitely do NOT need it in this house! I am totally stoked to pass out candy, this is our first time in years that we will actually have trick or treaters come over. We used to live in the boonies, then we moved to a large apartment building, and now with our most recent move we live smack dab in the middle of town with tons of houses around us and a cute little porch to sit on and wait for the kiddies! 
Plus I decorated the yard, see (with my mom and Oreo's help):

I thought it would be fun to look at Oreo's past costumes! He has grown SO much!
His First Year: Only a Month and A half old! Little Banana. 

Year Two: 1 Year old Garden Gnome!

This Year: 2 years old! Punkin' and Sock Monkey!

If you are celebrating Halloween this year I hope you have a great time with your family! Feel free to post me a link if you post pictures, I love seeing everyones costumes! 

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