Its a sad day...

My Luvs Jurn3 Facebook page is GONE...forever. All 600+ fans that I worked so hard to get have all been gracefully whisked ripped away.Unfortunately there is nothing that Facebook can do to retrieve it. Somehow it has been getting hacked into, along with my personal Facebook page so it doesn't come as too much of a shock, but is still a really BIG bummer. All I can do is start from scratch. I am however closing my shop and making the page solely for the blog. BUT I have decided to open up an entire new shop, it will be announced in the future once I get everything worked out from my current/old one. Any orders that were made previous to the dismissal will of course still be fulfilled, if you do have a question though please contact me! So here I am begging you all to please,please, please 'like' me again! I plan on having some Facebook only giveaways soon to build my numbers back up so make sure you are a fan so you don't miss out! Thanks in advance!

The New Page:

Just in case the box isn't working you can click HERE to like the new page!

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