Hello third trimester!

Our little Tater Tot has officially arrived to the third trimester! I am no where near being ready for his arrival. This pregnancy has been fabulous and I've been blessed with good health. Well for the most part. A few scary (what I think were contractions) last Saturday, Sunday, and into today have me really freaking out about how UN-ready we are. 

No bassinet, crib, changing table, baby monitor, bottles, newborn cloth dipes, or an in home nanny  okay scratch that last, I forgot I was listing things we actually need...not want! With no chance of a baby shower we are on our own with this one! No biggie, right? 

Did I mention we have no name picked out. Nothing. I did in the beginning. {{Long story}} 

Boy name suggestions anyone? I love unique but not crazy! I love Jackson and Aiden but they are both simply overused now. Oliver and Cairo were just too 'out there' for hubby. My most favorite name in the world has been 'called' by a family member already. Is it weird to ask her if I can use the name too? hmmm.

I  have decided to set my focus on the baby nursery. It will help me feel like I am busily preparing for baby, and can check a big spot off on my to-do list. 

I want it to be super simple, yet super cute. One little big bummer is we rent. That means no painting. So I've gotta get creative! You know what that means...a complete DIY nursery! I am so excited to begin this little project!

I want the nursery to have a very organic, calm felling to it. Light browns with cute little hedgehogs and owls.

To begin with, I am in love with wall decals. However I am not so in love with the price $$$$ can we say ExPeNsIvE?! So I will be creating my own. I found a fabulous tutorial and will fill you all in when I begin the project! I will be making a few trees that will hopefully look like the ones pictured when I am finished!
I also want to paint a few canvas prints, I have not painted in what feels like forever! I am hoping the talent never left my fingertips and I can easily put these prints onto canvas!

I want to create my very own paper mobile. Kind of like this one, but I will add a few owls in there and layer it up a bit too!

As for the crib, we are undecided on a brand! I know for a fact I do not want a drop side crib. We don't have any experience with 'todays' cribs because for Oreo we were lucky enough to be gifted an amazing older style hearty oak crib that folds down a 1/4 way from the top. We love it. However Oreo is no where near ready for a toddler bed, and I doubt that will change any time soon! I do know what style I would like though! I really like the look of the box style cribs. I also like the idea of having the changing table attached, unless size becomes an issue. Not sure which one we will go with yet, but this is the style I am after...

Whew. That's it for now, I will definitely be updating with progress on this exciting project! Any tips, ideas, comments...please share!

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