It's A....

Okay. So where should I begin. Maybe with the reason why I am revealing the gender before Oreo's birthday...
A few hours after finding out Itty Bitty's gender we had haircuts scheduled for Little and Big Man. Big D's sister is a hairdresser and is awesome enough to cut their hair for free! 
Do you see where this is going yet...?
I called my mom right after the ultrasound to let her know that baby was in perfect condition, and everything was where it needs to be. I almost slipped and said the gender a few times but caught myself each time. After I got off the phone Big D was going to try and get a hold of his mom so I warned him 'Be careful, it's much more difficult than it seems to not use a He or She during the conversation!'
He finished the call successfully and we were both very proud of ourselves, yet concerned about how we were going to do this for another 2 weeks! We were already having a hard time and we hadn't even known ourselves for over an hour. 
To make a long story short Big D slipped during his haircut with his sister and said the gender plain as day. I could of swore she noticed so when we got to the car I mentioned it to him. He said he doesn't remember slipping but right after he said it he hurriedly restated the same sentence with an IT instead. So I suggested we call all of our family and just spill the beans over the phone, Boo. No fun, but oh well we can save the gender reveal party idea for the next one :o) 
Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, his sister said she didn't even notice. The good news, now you all get to hear the gender earlier than you thought! Yay! 
So...are you ready?!

Itty Bitty Belly Baby Is A.....

(Intelligender was RIGHT)
Isn't he beautiful??!

Yep that's right we have been blessed with another perfect little man :o) I couldn't be happier to have another little Oreo in my life. My Aunt has named him Tater Tot which I love and will use that for his blog name! We are not 100% sure on a real name yet, but we're close! Everyone in our family is shocked, I think with their high hopes of a girl they just can't believe that another boy will be around. Big D's sister has a boy, his second sister is due in November with a boy, and we have Oreo and now Tater Tot! Boys all around, fun times are definitely ahead! I was thrilled to see how excited Oreo was at the ultrasound to see the 'Baby' I really think it's helped him understand more about the baby that lives in mommy's belly. He seems fine with it, I think as long as the baby stays in there :o) It was funny to see on the ultrasound how much the baby moved and kicked around whenever he heard Oreo's voice! They are going to be great together and I simply can not wait to meet him. The ultrasound tech kept saying how beautiful he is and she can't wait to see what he looks like when he is born. We heard the same for Oreo during all of his ultrasounds too, another little cutie on the way...oh my! 

So are you shocked?

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