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I love toys that inspire babies! Oreo had a great time playing with Sassy toys, especially in the bath. It’s hard to find good bath toys that keep Oreo’s attention for longer than a few minutes.  With the Sassy count and spell bath appliqués we could have stayed in the bathroom for hours! He loves watching me spell different words and I cant help but wonder if it will lead to a little someone spelling and reading early on his own! How great would that be!? We also spend lots of time playing with the Sassy  bubble bath car wash! This is daddy’s favorite and it keeps the two of them nice and busy while I catch a quick break. He also enjoys the Sassy fill and spill barrel that keeps him busy emptying and refilling time and time again! This is also a favorite of the little man I babysit for. I have always enjoyed Sassy toys and its great to see that Oreo does too! 

Straight from the source:

Developmental Features of Sassy Toys

Sassy developmental baby products are designed to help build a solid foundation for lifelong learning by fostering development and stimulating the brain. Years of research, expert consultation and testing have led us to create product features that stimulate baby’s senses and emerging emotional, social, physical and intellectual skills. Those features include:
  • high contrast patterns,
  • bright colors,
  • symmetry,
  • multiple textures,
  • specific color language,
  • product proportions,
  • soothing, rhythmic and musical sounds,
  • age appropriate materials, and
  • innovative functional features

All of these features have been thoughtfully designed into Sassy products!

Character Faces
High Contrast Colors, including Black and White

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**Many thanks to Sassy Toys for sponsoring this Review. 
I was given a product to review (no compensation)
 and all opinions are my own**
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