Intelligender Review and a quick Poll

After the initial shock and excitement from a positive pregnancy test, the next big question for us is babies gender! The 20 week agonizing wait is still nothing compared to the 2 week wait while trying to conceive, but it's still a hard wait either way! You constantly have people telling you what they think you will have, and of course you have your own thoughts on the subject too. I was absolutely positive Oreo was a girl, and I am pretty sure this one is a boy...but I've been wrong before right?! When I heard about Intelligender I was overjoyed at the thought of not having to wait an extra 10 weeks to find out our baby's gender. Intelligender is a urine test kit that predicts the gender of your baby according to the color your urine turns after a 10 minute wait. I was so excited that I forgot the product was sent to me for a review, and I discarded it all before I could get pictures or details! So I decided to wait until a week before finding out by ultrasound to take another test. Just to re-confirm. 

Test #1 taken at 10 weeks stated BOY. It was a very obvious boy color. 
This is what it looked like: 
but like I said, I was too excited to remember to take pictures of my own!

Test #2 Taken at 18 weeks stated GIRL. 
Or did it? 
*note: I contacted the company to ask which test would prove more accurate, they stated "If all the above [directions on package] were followed, then yes, I would go with the result at 18 weeks. There would have been more hormones present at that time in your urine."* 
This is what it looked like (these are my own photos this time!): 
Help me decide! BOY or GIRL?
I contacted the company and they rapidly responded with their guess too! I've included it in the poll!

My Final thoughts about Intelligender- It is obviously not going to be right 100% of the time. I have to say we have had a lot of fun taking and interpreting the tests and even if it's wrong I will still buy another one to try for our next baby! Why?! It's a great way to pass the time while waiting for that ultrasound!

Connect with Intelligender:
Want to have some fun predicting your babies gender? Click HERE to purchase! 
Also available at:and other retailers near you.

If you take the test let me know! I'd love to hear what happened. A follow up post will of course be done once our little ones gender will be revealed, so keep your eye out! 

**Many thanks to Intelligender for sponsoring this Review. I was given a product to review (no compensation) and all opinions are my own**

Take The Poll:
BOY or Girl!
According to the intelligender results OR just what you feel based upon reading my blog-
What do you think the gender will be?!

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