Are you Green?

I want to save the planet, as well as my family. 
I was raised on doritos and mountain dew.
Ok, not literally but you get what I mean.
We grew up not knowing or understanding the importance of being "green." As a child the word organic was as foreign to me as a Honda.
I honestly think it all began to sink in on the day I visited my very first whole foods market. I was in college and my mother and I had began discussing organic foods and natural well being. It dawned on us that we were really missing something. We felt deprived of the happy healthy lives of those around us. 
The children in the shopping carts at Whole Foods looked so pure and full of joy. I know. I sound crazy. Honestly though, those are some of the cutest babies Ever! 
We then began to research and wow did it hit us hard. We have since then been striving to better ourselves as well as those around us. I am now happily married, well only if you're reading this post past Feb.14th 2010 (my wedding date) and I have the most precious gorgeous son that means the world to me. I want whats best for my family, but I want to be able to afford it too. 
This is my journey. 
My journey of finding that balance. 
For me. For you. For our future and the future of our children. 
I will be searching high and low for all things eco-friendly and organic that won't cost an arm and a leg! 
Our biggest goal is creating a 100% organic pregnancy, birth, and beyond for our second child. Which is happening NOW! Join me on this journey and feel free to leave your own tips and tricks to affording going green!
Stay Beautiful. Stay Green.

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