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Oreo has a new favorite snack! One that I am ecstatic about finding before our long flight coming up this summer! Peter Rabbit Organics is 100% organic fruit in a convenient 'sip it out' pouch. I was a bit leery about the pouch set-up at first, I thought Oreo would just squeeze out the contents and enjoy some finger painting on his tray. I was so wrong. I twisted off the cap, tasted it for myself first (it was delicious) then bravely handed Oreo the pouch. He kind of looked at me like I was crazy, for a second there I was second guessing my own-self. He brought the straw like tip of the pouch to his mouth and began 'drinking' down the delicious contents. When I asked him if it was good he managed a quick 'mmhmm' and walked away in hopes that I wouldn't ask for it back. We now take this pouches everywhere with us! They fit perfectly in the diaper bag and are perfect for on the go. I can't recommend these enough, they have no artificially added ingredients and taste amazing, even Big D says so...and that is definitely saying something! 

Straight From The Source:

At Peter Rabbit Organics™ our aim is simple: to provide healthy, organic snacks for all to enjoy.  Our delicious fruit snacks contain 100% organic fruit with no added sugar or anything artificial.  We list every ingredient, so no undeclared colours, flavours or preservatives.
Peter Rabbit Organics™ is a small company that started in the UK.  Our squeezable organic fruit is huge hit at home, we decided to bring it over the pond to share with you in the US!
We only source organic, certified by the USDA, ingredients...and whenever possible we use local suppliers in Oregon where our fruit snacks get made.  All our pouches are BPA free.

Connect with Peter Rabbit Organics:

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**Many thanks to Peter Rabbit Organics for sponsoring this Review and Giveaway. I was given a product to review and all opinions are my own**
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