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Finally a Sippy cup that I don't have to throw away a few weeks after using! I have done a lot of research about plastics and how harmful they can become if not used properly. When the sun hits plastic it sets off an emission of chemicals that then get into the liquids that we consume! So each time Oreo's sippy cups get left in the sun I don't like to chance whether it's BPA free or not and I end up throwing them away. He got the majority of them as gifts on his birthday so I am unaware whether or not they are a safe plastic. The same goes for the water bottles that Big D refills and takes to work each day, if I find it in his car I swipe it up and pitch it! We were lucky enough to review the Safe Sippy 2 and the Safe sporter bottles! Oreo now has a new favorite sippy cup and Big D has a new favorite water bottle to take to work. 
Our favorite Features:
The Safe Sippy2™ convertible sippy-to-straw cup in stainless steel. It’s safe, versatile and durable. So when your child says he or she is too old for a sippy cup and wants a straw bottle like the “big kids,” you can reach for the straw adaptor instead of your wallet.

Oreo has always been 'a straw guy' so this sippy is perfect for when he decides to change his mind and wants a big boy cup with no stopper at all! It is very simple to change, which is great to deal with a toddlers every changing ways as well!

He takes this Sippy EvErYwHeRe with him. Even when climbing over large rocks, he wont put it down!

Straight From the Source:

Creating a Mission Statement is often one of the first things a company undertakes. But as Guy Kawasaki said in his excellent book, The Art of The Start, "This process usually...results in exceptional mediocrity. Instead of a mission statement…craft a mantra for your organization."
So that’s what we did. Here it is:
Making kids' lives better.
This was the simple idea that drove the development of our first product, and it is the idea that will drive the products yet to come.
Simple ideas can make for ambitious goals. Our founder created The Safe Sippy™ cup because he knows how dangerous plastics are, and it drove him crazy that he was giving his two year old son water every morning in a cup made from toxic chemicals.
It is our goal that the future products from Kid Basix have the same simple singleness of purpose: Making kids’ live better.

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