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I am a garage sale addict. Full on and ready to admit it! I often find great deals on T-shirts that are too big for Oreo to wear but that I would love to see him in. It's hard to find cute toddler boy clothing, unless you want to spend the BIG bucks. Not saying those big buck products aren't worth it, but I just feel it's silly to spend so much on something that will either 
A. get ruined outdoors B. Get ruined indoors C. Get grown out of in a matter of days! 
So. Onto what I discovered I could do. In a matter of 10 mins!

I found a sweet T-shirt for $1 at a garage sale. 
Grabbed my favorite fitting T of Oreo's to use as my 'size chart' and pattern.
Got to work.
Here are the Tees by each other for a size comparison. 
(if you try this with a size that is too big it will end up baggy around the neck area)

Then I matched the Yellow smaller Tee Neckline with the neckline of the Bigger Tee.

Next I trimmed the bottom of the Tee as straight and clean cut as possible.

After that Trim both the left and right sides of the Big shirt off using the smaller Tee as your guide. I like to try and keep the hem from the top sleeve of the bigger Tee in tact so there is less work later on!

Now we're ready to sew!
 Turn the shirt inside out and serge/sew the outside edges starting at the bottom and working your way up to the end of the arms.  
Sew both sides.

Yep that's it. 
You can hem the edges if you'd like but I enjoy the 'ruff' look it gives the Tees. 
Makes Oreo look like a rock star! 
Flip that puppy right side out and admire your work.
This super sweet and unique Tee only cost me $1. 

*Please note: this is my first ever tutorial if you have any questions and if I left something out please let me know! I will not be offended, just excited to know someones actually reading this!*
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