KINeSYS Earthkind Sunscreen

Fabulous stuff! I can't wait to try it out while we are on vacation this summer. Oreo had no problem letting me put it on and we had zero issues with skin irritation! Big D also has very sensitive skin and often gets welts just from sitting in the sun for small amount of time, KineSYS did the trick! We loved that it wasn't oily or sticky and it really help up well throughout all of the warm weather activities we did! The price is great and the product is even better, a definite must have for this summer!

Straight From The Source:
KINeSYS was founded on the principles of the Three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. Our bottles are 100% recyclable High Density Polyethylene (Bisphenol-A free). We shun excess packaging whenever possible and when necessary we use cardboard that is a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled board. We do not use ingredients that accumulate in the body or the environment and print using vegetable-based inks when available. We source locally as much as possible to reduce fuel use. We love our planet and for that reason alone, we don’t test on animals.
Conventional self-powered spray cans can contain potentially harmful propellants and also may not be easily recyclable. The pressured container can also present special challenges when travelling by air on vacation or otherwise. KINeSYS products have always used manual, finger-powered sprayers. These non-aerosol pharmaceutical-grade sprayers disperse an ultrafine mist but result in no direct detrimental environmental effects. Like all KINeSYS components, they are also recyclable.
KINeSYS made the commitment to purchase clean, emissions-free electricity generated by wind power to offset that used in our manufacturing process as well as our office. This sustainable power is certified by EcoLogo, North America’s oldest environmental standard. Conventional electricity production results in the release of massive amounts of carbon dioxide, a leading cause of climate change. Renewable power generation allows us to make a choice to fight climate change when purchasing the products we use everyday.

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