wow i'm tired

I have been full on EXHAUSTED lately. To be honest I have no real reason to be. I've just been doing my usual running around and chasing the little man. The weather has warmed up a bit, so maybe that has something to do with it. I am excited about some new giveaways that will be posted soon, only one more diaper that I've not been able to review because LL keeps wearing it to bed and I'm too scared I might wake him up while taking pictures!! I am also planning a BIG giveaway for April. Keep your eye out for a post announcing this one!

I will be headed up North to the in-laws cabin for a St. Patrick's Day celebration and will be away until Sunday night! Wow am I going to miss my internet. We don't do so well apart from each other. I'm really looking forward to the mini VA-cay and quiet woods. I will post some giveaways to keep you all busy while I'm away. Have a happy weekend :o)
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