ok I changed my mind

The other contest had a crap ton of voters for just one family. SO I'm pretty much out of the running for that one now. I did enter a different one though so if you are still looking for the extra entries here is what I would LOVE for you to do:

Extraordinary Baby Shop is holding a contest and we could really use the win.

They carry all natural baby items.

If you have a couple minutes I would REALLY appreciate it if you could:

Become a fan of EBS HERE on Facebook. (you have to be a fan in order to "LIKE" the photo.

Hit "Like" under my entry photo of Little L listed HERE on facebook.

That's it. O, and for those that do "Like" my photo go ahead and add 10 extra entries to ALL the giveaways I have going on now! You can add 10 to each one if you have the time! Just add your facebook name to the entry. :o)

Ex: I "Liked" your FB Photo entry 1. NAME HERE.

Thanks so much everyone, and please let me know if there is something I can do for you!
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