Zinnia Flower Review

Here's another amazing Etsy cloth diaper find! I was searching for a diaper that resembled a fitted but had the elastic too. I found it! This diaper was made with really soft cotton, and included a insert as well as a bamboo velour wipe. Which I did NOT keep for myself. ;-)
It was a 100% red cotton knit outside and inner with a full hidden layer of thirsty cotton terry with a hidden soaker of two layers of bamboo french terry. There is a matching contoured lay-in soaker made of two layers red cotton knit, one layer flannel and one layer bamboo french terry. Everything is serged with white wooly nylon. Did I ever mention how much I love serged edges. They make everything look so crisp and professional!
Front-snapping with hidden snaps to protect baby's skin. Which is really important with Little L's sensitive skin! The front tabs have a cross-over snap to allow for a wider range of sizes. Even though the diaper requires a cover, we had Little L in it for a little while without one and had no problems with leakage. If we were to leave the house though I would have slipped a cover over it! We didn't try this one overnight, and my only issue was when it was soaking in our Rockin' green the fabric dye bled a little bit onto one of our diaper covers.  It was a great fit on the little man, held up well during both of little L's duties and Big D had no problem figuring this one out. I definitely plan on heading back to this seller for more! 

Straight from the Source: 
I have so much fun creating beautifully made items. I was given my first sewing machine when I was eleven, and I have been busy ever since. I use fabulous fabrics, and take the time to make sure every stitch is perfect. I hope you love what I make, as much as I love making it!

Was this diaper convenient: Yes
Is this diaper economically priced: Yes
Would I recommend this diaper to a beginner: Yes
Good for Daytime use: Yes
Good for nighttime Use: No
Easy during laundry Care: No
Did Big D like this Diaper: Yes
Did Little L like this Diaper: Yes
Did I like this Diaper: Yes
Visit her shop and make a purchase by clicking HERE


Corrie Howe said...

Following back from Friday Follows. Love the pictures of babies in diapers and the one near the top sticking out of orange shirt

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