AMP diapers review and Giveaway

This diaper was one of the snuggest fits on Little L so far. I probably could have left him in it for the entire day and nothing would have been able to leak out! The little man seemed really happy to have a nice fitting diaper on. The different styles and types of inserts were awesome! I am now addicted to bamboo! It held up great overnight with an extra insert, I was too scared to try it without one! I really liked their new system because I was able to take the thicker part of the diaper out during the wash/dry time! Poo liked to stick to this fabric, and I had to soak it to prevent any staining from setting in. Which makes Big D not much of a fan! It was very well made, and well worth the cost, a definite beginners diaper.

Straight From The Source:
The new AMP one size Duo pocket diaper (patent pending) is a revolutionary new diaper that combines both the benefits of the AI2 diaper and the pocket diaper all in a one size. The intelligent snap placement allows this diaper to have three different rise options and multiple tummy and thigh settings for a custom fit from birth to potty training (7-38lbs). The outer waterproof layer is a soft durable laminated PUL and the inside is a dreamy soft layer of microfleece that is designed to wick wetness away and keep baby dry and comfortable. The envelope opening is large enough for easy stuffing and is placed at the front of the diaper to make removing the insert easy and mess free.
To use snap the rise adjusting snaps to the appropriate setting and place insert inside the diaper. Place the diaper under baby and fasten the tummy and thigh snaps at a snug but comfortable position. 

To use this diaper as an All in two diaper, place the insert on top of the fleece making sure that the absorbent insert is between the elastic gathers instead of placing the insert inside of the envelope opening. If the diaper is still dry replace the absorbent insert with a dry one and re-use the diaper.

So simple!
Was this diaper convenient: Yes
Is this diaper economically priced: Yes
Would I recommend this diaper to a beginner: Yes
Good for Daytime use: Yes
Good for nighttime Use: Yes
Easy during laundry Care: Yes
Did Big D like this Diaper: No
Did Little L like this Diaper: Yes
Did I like this Diaper: Yes

Ease your baby into their own AMP diaper HERE

Giveaway Ended!


Matthew T. said...

AMP Diapers that are economically friendly? That's a good thing. Two in one diaper? Wow. I think this is convenient.

Andrea said...

This is the most awesome way to enter of all your contest entries. It's so easy

lovemylevi said...

Thanks Andrea I'm so glad you like it :-)

Anonymous said...

I would love for you to try Votre vu, the products are amazing and the entire cast of Valentine's Day and Oscar nominations are trying it too!
Thanks for following me!

Kim said...

ditto on the contest entry form!

Mummatutu said...

love the entry form as well except.. what do I do if I click on something I was not able to complete. IE on the form the last option was checked already but I was not able to complete it. Do you just omit when you receive without the URL? Thanks

shannon b said...
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