I'm Back!

I'm feeling TONS better! Thanks for all of the well wishes. Some of my diapers have begun arriving in the mail and I am totally stoked to start trying them out. We also received our sleepy wrap just in time! I nanny for a little boy who just turned 5 months old and will be keeping him overnight for the first time this week. I will definitely be blogging about how that goes. Luckily he is a really good sleeper, and Little L hasn't been doing so shabby himself. I did some research online about his symptoms that I had thought were associated just with teething, and it turns out he actually has a gluten intolerance. Crazy right?! So we changed his diet and that exact same night he slept 8 hrs. Which is amazing for him because he usually only sleeps two hours then wakes up and sleeps with Big D and I. It's been 2 weeks now on the gluten free diet and he's been sleeping an average of 8-10 hours a night! Amazing, I know! When we went to the doctor to talk about it he suggested a blood test, but I decided against the stress of putting him through that, we already know its working so why make the little guy go through something like that?! Like I said before, we're different. Maybe somewhere down the line he may want to actually get tested for it, he may even decide against eating only the gluten free foods. For now though, mommy is getting her much needed rest. :-)

I also made my first "sewn" birthday gift for the sweetest little 6 year old girl! Here's a picture of it, it's a reversible jacket. Not perfect, but not bad for my first try! 

As well as my first attempt at a dress for a mommy that is providing me a diaper locally to review on my blog. Her little girl is going to test this little beauty out for me!

If you like them let me know, I will start putting some in my etsy shop for custom orders :-)


CanadianMama said...

gluten intolerance - crazy! I'm glad you got your sleeping worked out - isn't it wonderful to get sleep :)

The dress is wonderful and so is the jacket - so cute!

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

glad you are feeling better! can you share the link to the article you read on gluten-intolerance? I suspect my baby girl has the same prob.

btw, the jacket and dress are adorable!

ModernMom said...

Your dresses are beautiful!
Following from MBC 50 followers club. Great to meet you!

Joy said...

Glad you're feeling better. So happy to hear someone is getting some sleep!
Reversible?!? Wow!

HappilyDomestic said...

Added your Cloth Diaper event button! :-) Thanks for the heads up. I know my readers will love another CD event as will I.

Alissa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You did a great job with the clothes! Can you do onesies??

lovemylevi said...

I can! Are you interested?! You can message me a size and style to my e-mail inbox, pprice3 [at] emich [dot] edu :-)

jamielz said...

I love the dresses. Great job!

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