My First Award

I am so excited to have received my first award!
I finally feel like part of the real mommy blogosphere now!

I received this award from Felicia over at "Living Just Like Grandma" Her blog makes me smile and I love reading her posts! Check her out!

So here are the official rules
Accept the award and post it on your blog. Make sure to link back to the person who awarded you.

Then pass it on to 15 other blogs you find worthy and make sure to let them know they have been awarded.

Now for the 15 people that I have chosen...I may not choose all 15 today because I really want to be picky and give my readers great blogs to check out!
1. My Name Ain't June
2.  Under The Golden Apple Tree
3. At home with Heather
4. Two Little Monkeys Plus Hubby
5. Jael Custom Designs
6. my i{rish} Twins
7. thekoalamom
8. Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House
9. The Mud Bug
10. Stepmom Extraordinaire

Okay 10 is all I am able to do tonight!  Promise I will finish up soon! Enjoy!


prerna said...

Hi! Congrats on your first award!!Love your blog and enjoy your writing.. Blessings and wishes for many more awards

One Cluttered Brain said...

Congrats on your first award! I remember my first award. I believe it was the lovely blog award. Now you feel like a part of a family now. :) We are here for you! :)

Dee said...

Congrats on your award! You deserve it..love the look of your blog!!

Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Sarah Chang said...

Hi! I thought I was following you but for some reason I wasn't. Popping over here from MBC. You have some beautiful pictures on your blog - your LO is so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the award! I am following you now and going to add your button :) I will pass out this awards to others this weekend! Thank you again =) Have a great weekend.

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Awww! Thank you so much! I'm honored. I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I'm playing catch up on posting awards but, I promise it'll get done!

Not June said...

I'm so flattered! Thank you!

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Congrats on your first award, and thanks for thinking of me! You're too sweet.

CanadianMama said...

Congrats - you totally deserve it!!

Heather said...

First Congrats to you... I think your blog looks great! Thank you for thinking of me, I do really appreciate it. Actually this is only my second award, and I think you sent it the same time I got the award last week - so that's very cool.

I'll wait a few days, and then post on this award.

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