I grew up an Army brat.

My father retired from the military after 20 years of service for his country. Our family loved every second of it. My mom served for 3 years and retired after finding out she was pregnant with my brother Big E. Never once did she complain about all of the extra hours of parenting she put in while my dad was away, at least not that I can remember!

We spent the majority of his service time in Fort Hood, Texas and Fort Polk, Louisiana. We also got the privilege of living in Berlin, Germany for 2 years. I didn't realize how lucky my brother and I actually were at the time. It wasn't until we moved into a small town in Michigan that I learned not everyone’s parents were in the military. For me, the biggest shocker of all was that not everyone moved around as much as we did growing up...the majority of them lived in the same town their entire lives. What!? This was a lot to think about for a 9 year old girl that spent her entire life moving all the time. I loved being able to make new friends and write letters to the old ones.

I am thankful for my positive outlook on change and how easily to this day I am able to welcome it. I do however start to go a little crazy when change isn't around, I tend to make it happen, for the better and sometimes even the worst. I've attended 5 different colleges, each change happening just as I get settled in. My fiancé Big D grew up in a town so small that his graduating class was made up of only 30 students. I envy his stories of growing up in the country care free with his "forever" friends always by his side. He envies my stories of adventure and travel, meeting presidents and riding around in Army tanks on base family days.

I take pride in every military family and the sacrifices that they made for their country. May God bless them, and the families that are doing it today...

Happy Veterans Day


Karen said...

I was born on an Air Force Base in Idaho, although my dad was medically discharged just a few months later and we moved back to California. I lived in the same town from age 2 until I moved away to Utah for college.

But I think I would have done fine as a military brat. I love change. Embrace it. I love seeing new places and meeting new people. I am definitely prone to wander.

This is such a wonderful post. I am a big supporter of the military and am always so happy to see people remember what days like today are all about.

I came by to thank you for visiting on my SITS day and to thank you for following along! It's great to get to know you.

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

What an incredible story-- thank you so much for sharing! I was one of those kids who was born and raised in the same small town. I know your family sacrificed so much to serve our country, but you were able to experience so many amazing things because of it!


lovemylevi said...

Thanks so much ladies! Karen I have to say I'm so glad I stopped by your blog on SITS day, I love heading over and getting to know you as well!

FeliciaE said...

I love you blog and am giving you an award! Head on over to my page to check it out.


Sophia's Mom said...

thank you for stopping by my blog!

and please thank both of your parents on behalf of me and my family for their years of service!


Not June said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to getting to know you on your blog!

Christie O. said...

beatiful post and thank you to your family for their service! i too moved around a lot, not because my family was in the service, but it made me so accustomed to change and I had to chuckle when you said you get antsy when change doesn't happen soon enough. That's TOTALLY me. And my husband lived and grew up in the same town his entire life too. I drive him crazy with my A.D.D. haha! Thanks for stopping by, I'm following!

Tina said...

" I do however start to go a little crazy when change isn't around, I tend to make it happen, for the better and sometimes even the worst."

Oh I am so, so glad I'm not the only one like this! I was an Air Force brat until my dad retired when I was 16 and it's SO weird to have been in one place for going on 14 years now. My hubby thinks I'm crazy when I start getting the itch to move (at least to a different house!) every couple of years!

lovemylevi said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one out there!!

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