30 Day Shred

I started this year out right. Clean eating, cutting all take out and fast food, and swapping beer and sodas for wine (hey its proven okay in moderation!) and water. I began running a mile daily on the treadmill mid-January and am not getting quick enough results! I definitely feel better, my body has been very thankful for the changes, I just need a quicker response to keep on track! I have heard great things about Jillian's 30 Day Shred so I am giving it a go! 

I started February 14th and my legs were unbearably sore until this morning February 18th, so if you start don't stop, it gets better I promise! I am in love with the workout itself, the entire workout is only 20 mins long and the moves are simple enough for a beginner yet effective enough that you will feel the burn! 

Keep checking back, I will post my before and after pictures at the end! I am not following any special diet, I drink a protein shake in the morning and eat 'clean' the rest of the day, around every 3 hours is a snack or salad! I am not a saint and the occasional slip up does happen, we are all human! 

"Never let a single defeat be a final defeat!"

The Plan:
1 mile on the treadmill daily
Feb 14th-24th Level 1: 30 day shred
Feb 25th-March 7th Level 2: 30 day shred
March 8th- 18th Level 3: 30 day shred

The Protein Shake:
Unsweetened coconut Milk
Jay Robb egg white protein shake mix 1/2 scoop
Garden of life Raw protein shake mix 1/2 scoop

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