Not so proud milestones

I love how as parents we obsess over what milestones our children should be reaching. I say we should sit back and have a laugh over the ones that they should NOT be reaching! For example: Walking- sure it's cute, until you look like a crazy woman trying to catch your kid in public, ps they are even faster when you're holding a coat in your hands! Talking- aww how sweet, wait what did you just repeat to the landlord about that hole in the curtain? Oh, you told her you made it bigger with your superman muscles! Fan-freaking-tastic. Eating- excited that your wee one just finished their first jar of peas? Cherish it. Unless you plan to top each meal with whipped cream (don't judge me!) mealtime will never go down this smoothly. EVER! Oh but if it does, no mother out there wants to hear about it. Trust me, I've told many moms about my good eater (just one out of 3, but I'll take it) and I always get the half smile I wanna slap a chick nod! Always. Hm grounds for my next post? Yes! All mothers can use advice about how to avoid "The Look"

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