Gender Reveal Party

When walking into my 20 week ultrasounds I've never had a doubt in my mind that I would ask for the gender to be revealed right then and there! I felt waiting 20 weeks was long enough! We had no doubts about finding out with our first two, but since this is our last little bean we decided early on that it might be neat to wait it out this time.  As week 20 neared closer I became far too anxious to wait and completely changed my mind. My husband however was pretty set on not finding out still.

We needed a compromise.

I had heard a little bit about Gender Reveal Parties from different people posting on Babycenter. I thought it was a great idea! We could still make the babies gender reveal fun and suspenseful and also not have to wait another 20 long weeks.

I found some ideas HERE. I loved the theme and kind of took it in my own direction as I started planning. The agenda stayed small and the party lasted from 2pm-5pm. Here are a few pictures of what went down:

Here is the main table.
Themed Snacks:

We played a Name Suggestion Game. Guests had to write mine and my husbands name at the top of the paper and create baby names only using those letters.

As guests came in they marked the chart according to what 'Team' they were on. They also dressed in either pink or blue.
The bottom tally's were marked as we went through what the baby should be according to old wives tales. 

Right after our ultrasound the tech put the gender in an envelope and we drove it to a local baker. She then made the awesome cupcakes with either pink or blue frosting on the inside! 

After the old wives tale game it was finally cupcake time!

Cupcakes revealed:

Yep, we will be adding a sweet little princess to our family. 
The boys will make great bosses big brothers.

If you are on the fence about having one, DO IT. We had such a great time and our family and friends really enjoyed themselves! There are some skeptics out there, "Why not just call and tell people the gender?" My answer- "What fun is that?!" I love any excuse to get together with loved ones and celebrate such an amazing blessing! 
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