Overstock.com holiday necessities

It's the holidays. For us that means family galore! I love having family around and connecting with each other, catching up on all of the exciting events that happened throughout the year. We don't host dinner parties too often, and with this being our first year in our new home I haven't really put much thought into hosting at all. I did realize that we are in need of new dinnerware though! I doubt everyone will want to pile up their holiday cuisine on a paper plate. I have been browsing Overstock.com and am very impressed with the prices and selections of dinnerware they have available. I am sure my family will also be very impressed and happy to see we have 'moved up' in the dinner plate world!
Here are a few of my favorites:

I'm a participant in Overstocks’ Online Scavenger Hunt. This blog post is my own words, but I may be receiving a gift card for my opinion.

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