30 weeks

I am just about 30 weeks. (only 2 more days). And it shows! My pregnancy brain is in full gear, as I forgot about my most recent OB appointment last week. (oops) I'm sure they get that all the time...right? I left my wallet in the bathroom the time before that. Can't for the life of me remember where I parked, where I need to be, who I am (ok just kidding on that last) or what I needed to pick up at the store! I am considering buying one of those voice recorder keychains so as soon as a thought pops into my head I can record it.  

So yes, 30 weeks. I feel like I still have forever before sweet Tater Tot arrives but I honestly don't know where those first 30 weeks went so maybe the last 10 will fly by just as quickly. Plus the holidays are coming and we all know how fast those go by! Perhaps it's time for a picture update...? Okay maybe not an update because I've really not taken any at all yet. I thought that maybe this pregnancy I would do the cute every month shot so that the world could watch my belly grow with me. Yeah. I still am. Just starting a little bit later than most. 

So after hubby took the shot I realized why I don't do the cute month to month photo shoots. I look awkward. Plus I look super tired (hello bags under the eyes) and my belly is shaped funny, not all round and cute like it should. What happened to the 'glowing' look all pregnant women are supposed to have? 

So here it is, in all it's "I have a 2 year old too so that's my excuse" glory 30 week preggo picture. Enjoy. 

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