Babykicks cloth diaper Review and Giveaway

My Personal Experience: 
Oh baby are these diapers rockin'! I mean they really rock, for a really long time too! I was super brave and put the diaper on Oreo on a day that we would be out and about for a while. When I say a while I mean three hours, yes folks I said three hours! To be honest I was convinced it could have lasted longer, but he blessed this sacred diaper with his poo and I was unable to test my theory. Until two nights later that is. I was scrambling for a nighttime diaper and almost forgot about the miracle Babykicks that was so patiently waiting to truly prove itself. Long story short I added nothing but what was sent to me for the review (a new 3g bumboo pocket with a one size insert) and it held up beautifully! My absolute favorite feature of this diaper is the fleece lined leg gussets. Not sure what that is? It's the extra fabric that is perfectly placed around babies thighs to prevent any 'leakage' or 'blowouts' that tend to happen when that extra bit of fabric is missing! I am a huge fan of gussets but they sometimes leave red marks on Oreo's chunky thighs. Babykicks went ahead and made my dreams come true by creating a super soft gusset that I could tell was tons more comfortable for my little man! The fit was nice and snug, the best snug you can get for such an amazingly absorbent diaper! This is the first I've tried that can truly be both a night and daytime diaper! Amazing! I recommended this diaper 100% to all of my fluffy lovers out there, especially for a nighttime diaper! 
Oh and I should mention that this is now hubby's favorite diaper. Not only because of the diaper itself but because of their new website. http://ourdiapersaretheshit.com How fun is that? They even have a Dad's Section, check it out you will definitely get a few chuckles out of it! Check out their Live cloth diaper demos HERE!

Straight from the Source:
The BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper is a one size diaper that is incredibly thin and trim.  It features a luxurious inner lining that ensures only the softest fibers touch baby's most sensitive areas. The innovative micro fleece barrier design prevents wicking to the outside and special fleece leg gussets stop leaks and hold messes in while allowing airflow to help prevent diaper rash. No blow outs or inserts hanging out of the back of this diaper due to the front stuffing pocket. Side snap closures are long lasting, user friendly and prevent wing droop. Colorful snaps look cute and can function as an intuitive, color coded sizing guide (if you choose the multicolored snap option).  No cover required due to our super soft breathable waterproof outer shell.  Our 3g Pocket is sure to quickly become a favorite in your diaper stash. Especially with the unbeatable quality and value!

What the NEW 3g Bumboo Pocket Diaper has to offer:
    . Natural and organic fibers
    . Waterproof outer shell
    . Front stuffing pocket
    . Side Snaps
    . Available in 4 bright colors and Chocolate Brown with colored snaps
    . Comes with a new One-Size insert
    . Unique Newborn snap closure for a secure and comfortable fit on the
smallest babies
    . Wider front panel at the top for increased size range and better
    . Wider pocket opening for easier stuffing
    . Trimmer design for a better, more tailored fit with less bulk under
    . Thinner wings to accommodate chunky thighs
    . UNBEATABLE price 

Connect with BabyKicks:

One of these amazing diapers HERE

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**Many thanks to BabyKicks for sponsoring this Review and Giveaway. I was given a product to review (no compensation) and all opinions are my own**

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