Look what I found!

Whenever I sell a few things on Etsy I almost instantly have to find something to spend it on! I love having my 'hobby money' it makes me feel less guilty when buying things I don't necessarily have to have, but can use, and reallly want! 

Check out what I found for little man on the way:

Love Love Love!! I can't wait to get them in the mail, thank goodness for generous people that are willing to sell things at awesome prices for other mama's to love <3

Also, I just wanted to let everyone know I added a few new items to the Luvs Jurn3 Shop. They are only being sold on facebook right now (at super low prices) until I get some feedback. Then they will be added to Etsy. 
Contact me with questions!

Wool Dryer Balls ($6ea shipped for the 1st 10 buyers)

Organic cotton lined fold over top snack bags ($2 shipped for the first 10 buyers)

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