Little switcheroo...

Thanks to some awesome feedback from some awesome mama's I have figured out a way to make entering the giveaways a little simpler. At least I think it will be (please notify me if I'm wrong!!!). 

I created a link at the bottom of each giveaway that will take you to a new page (just another blog I created that will host all of my entry forms) so that you are able to see the entire form. Some of the form was getting cut off on this page and often times it was difficult to find the submit button. I want everyone to have the same fair chance at entering and winning!! 

If you have any advice or would like to see it done differently please let me know, I love feedback! I want entering the giveaways to be fun and simple not super stressful and time consuming! 

Here's a cute smile to make you forget all about how stressful it was to enter before...his smile works for my stress all the time :o)

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