Mami and Papi Challenge

Remember when I mentioned my favorite new Cloth Diaper retailer?! Well they have this cute little challenge going on right now. Here's what it's all about: 

From MAMI--->"So............ here is the challege. I am going to do it also. I was "reading" that men do like their women comfortable, but every once in a while, it is awesome to remember that they "still have it". The men (this is a christian reading pamphlet) said that sure they know their women have gained weight, have stretch marks etc. BUT THEY DON'T CARE!!! So....... even if you are mad at hubby or he doesn't do "enough", tomorrow, get up, get dressed, put an apron on over your "clean clothes" and go all out. From morning to night! Post a pic of you all "fixed up" and a winner will be chosen for the best story and pic to go with it."

So. These are my 'steps' to getting all fixed up and relighting the Magic, for a mommy/ mommy to be!

As simple as all of this sounds I have to admit, it wasn't easy! Between the 'getting overwhelmed' part while my 2 y/o screamed for me to pick him up while I was making dinner. (thank goodness for our Boba carrier which fixed this one!) Or the broken glass, partially burnt pork chop, and exhausting baby belly to cart around. In the end I am happy that I did it and hubby was VERY appreciative (mostly of the dinner) haha! He told me I am cute all the time, even in my jammies. What an amazing man. I might just make it a point to at least once a few weeks have a nice dinner and cute dress-up time...we will see! Thanks Mami & Papi, just when I thought I couldn't love yall anymore you did it again! :o)

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